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Are you a great manager?

What do you think of when you hear the word management? You will invariably get a different answer from people when you ask them for their definition. Often the explanation of this word involves talk of the workplace and the infrastructure that exists in most businesses. There is no doubt that the work environment has a management component. Businesses must manage staff, economic resources, facilities, and so on.

I firmly believe there are more personal management opportunities in our day to day lives than there are in the workplace. Here are a few:

Relationship management – all of our relationships are being managed every day either by the attention we give to them or the attention we do not give to them

Financial management – lack of appropriate management in this area can and does have long lasting effects in our lives

Spiritual management – without getting too specific this is about how you manage the conversations you have with yourself as they relate to your faith or possible the absence of faith

Civic or giving management – this is all about how you appear in our society with regards to your giving of time, money, and resources

We are all managers. On my weekly radio show I talk with authors, businesspeople, and coaches. Although the subject matter is professional in nature, the themes can often be applied to personal matters. Here are a few examples:

  • A marketing expert encourages clients to be aware of how they are perceived in the world. Perception can be important in your personal life.
  • A sales trainer is teaching how to understand and relate to people. That fits all the management categories we mentioned earlier.
  • A coach works with people to improve specific areas of their lives. Who does not have areas of their personal lives that could use some specific attention?
  • A business person leverages their position to promote an initiative that benefits others. You can always find opportunities to help others.
  • An entrepreneur talks of finally putting it all on the line and branding himself so he can pursue his dreams. All of us have things in our lives that we have not managed to do or say.

Here are the results of all this: everybody has elements in their lives that must be managed. If we choose not to deal with them then we are mismanaging them. They will happen. They will show up at inconvenient times. They will impede our progress in others areas.

Here is what I want everyone to do. Decide that you are going to be the best manager you can be in your personal life. Strive for a promotion. Go out and earn the distinction of Manager of the Year. Be the manager that others aspire to be. Grab hold of the peace of mind that goes with YOU being fully engaged in the process of managing your life well. Are you a great manager?