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How to get ahead at your company

What do you do if you cannot seem to get ahead in your company? There are many avenues one can take. The following are a few approaches folks use:

  • Some people just plow ahead and incorrectly assume that stress and aggravation come with the territory. Although certainly some jobs are more stressful than others it is often how we process the challenges that dictates how well we deal with them and if we ever overcome them.
  • When someone cannot continue to simply keep pushing ahead they default to the next line of defense which is the good old it is everybody else. These folks convince themselves that their managers, co workers, suppliers, and customers are somehow out to get them and would love nothing more than to see them fail. This approach requires the victims to have an obscene focus on themselves. These players have a great deal of time invested in seeing themselves as the straw that stirs the drink. This is why it is so difficult to get them to see the light.
  • The third option is when the challenged just throw in the proverbial towel. Often these people just go through the motions and really do not apply themselves to achieving any real results. The larger the company the more of these you will find. They tend to do just enough to keep things rolling. They do not want to bring attention to themselves. Of course they still have the audacity to continue to pick up a paycheck that is based on work that they do not actually consistently perform.
  • If someone does not fit in one of the three areas we described above they may actually be ready to choose the best option of all. Anybody can be down when things are not going well. It is easy to fall into the trap of focusing on how bad things are. We have all done it. The achievers leverage challenging times to distance themselves from the competition.
  • A positive attitude can be very attractive to management when they are looking at options regarding staffing. Know that difficult times are a part of doing business. The challenges will not define you but your response certainly will. Put the decision makers in the position to help you get ahead. Great managers are always in need of more people to set up to the plate. Be one of those people! It starts with you.